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Sunday, August 25, 2019

American Car Show

Last month we stayed at the campsite by  Blenheim Palace for this  Classic American Car show.

I just love the size and power of these cars, totally impractical and not green I know, but they are beautiful in their own way.

The skill, love, and time that has gone into restoring, maintaining these cars is amazing. 

The detail on this engine is incredible, even the bolts for the wings have been chromed.

As shiny underneath as it is on top.

This look is not for me,

Even a couple of bikes


  1. They do look great don't they..
    I spent ten years immersed in the classic car scene showing my car at venues up and down the country including the NEC.. Mine wasn't an American model but British through and through. A Wolesely Six (straight six) with walnut throughout... It was just like a gentleman's club inside. Classic car magazine described it as being the ideal vehicle for driving to the vicars tea party... In the end I decided that I had lost interest in all the maintenance and polishing and we parted company.....

    1. I can remember those Woleselys, a privilege to have owned one . Yes walnut and leather from a bygone manufacturing age that will never happen again, so its great that people maintain them and share them. The cars and their engines in those days were so simple compared to now that complicated jobs could be tackled by their owners. I have rebuilt gearboxes along with the Haynes manual. We visited the Haynes museum on our Weymouth trip.

  2. Oh some real beauties there Dave I have dream of owning a 1953 Chevy Pick again! I see them going down the highway occasionally...in the condition of the one you pictured last. I actually had one back in 1974 but needed money to get married so I sold it! Bad idea Im sure I would still have the pick up all these years later.

    1. Wanted to add your new header is awesome!!

    2. Thanks Sondra, its a Chevy 56 that I drool over. There is one in Cardiff that I sometimes see. Now if I win the lottery...........!

  3. '55 Chevy for me Dave! (I've seen Two Lane Blacktop many times, and there's also Harrison Fords black '55 in American Graffiti that I drool over...)

    Great post! I love American cars as well, used to read Classic American and go to all the shows and stuff. The 50s and early 60s were great times for car design I reckon, especially in the US where everything was inspired by space and air travel seemingly, and cars were designed by people with great imaginations. Now they're designed by people filling in the blanks left by the wind tunnel team and the accountants.
    I've always found photos never do the sheer size of old American cars justice - they really are huge when you get up close to them - glad I don't have to polish and wax them!

  4. Nice cars.
    Surprising number are two door coupe's.
    Lovely if you like 8 miles to the gallon!

    1. Totally impractical by todays standards, and talking to the owners hardly any are used daily, some were driven to the show but many were trailered there.


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