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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Dinner

Four settings, three diners, one place for absent friends.


  1. How lovely this table, DaveM. And the crackers, too, make for an extra moment of delight.

    Regarding Rape of the Fair Country, I'm reading now about the push for the unions and am wondering is Owen Glyndwr a real historical figure?

  2. Dave, nice new blog here! Table setting is beautiful and I like the idea of place setting for absent friends - there in spirit if not body. Lovely.

  3. I'm hoping your friends are not permanently absent. Either way, the sentiment is lovely, as is the beautiful table. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration!

    Should I change the link on my blog roll to this new url?

  4. Sunflower; yes as I wont post anymore to the old blog.

    Thanks Annie hope you got the Owain Glyndwr link.

    Jackie good to see your posts again.

  5. Beautiful new blog! I really like that custom of leaving an extra setting too. The kids used to make crackers for our Christmas dinner and put really terrible knock knock jokes in them. Fun, I haven't thought of that for years.

  6. I did get your link and I've looked at other websites about Owen Glyndwr as well. Thank you, DaveM.


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