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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The shortest day

As tomorrow is the shortest day of the year, the weather is cold, foggy, the sun has disappeared, I thought it would be an idea to look back and remember summer, sun and greenery.

As Eric Idle sang"Always look on the bright side of life" the days will now begin to get longer, with spring around the corner. Already this morning I heard birdsong.


  1. Lol,I'm just like that...as soon as the shortest day is past, I am convinced I smell Spring. And on some balmy Winter days, I do!

    It has been a difficult year, weather wise, on Vancouver Island. It seems ages since I've seen the Sun!

    Lovely photo, Dave!

  2. Oh I loved Eric Idle's song, Look on the Bright Side of Life. And, of course, I loved the movie in which this was featured!

  3. Conversely, I find june 21st so depressing. It is the longest day of the year - it's all downhill from there, into the cold abyss of winter. I'm actually more excited about December 21st - I can feel the days getting longer!

    I'm all about the light :-)

  4. Love the photo Dave something to look forward to when the days are cold and grey, but with the comparatively mild weather I think our birds are quite confused they have been singing so joyously I am sure they think it is already spring.


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