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Friday, January 05, 2007


Cathays Library

Following on from the inspiration Annie gave me in her blog, here's the first of my library pictures. You realise that having said "first", I am now committed to going out and photographing the others in Cardiff. Lets hope the rain stays away for a few weekends.

Boy have we had some rain over the last few months!........... and after a while it just gets to you....enough is enough. Talking today to a colleague, who is also a photographer, she feels the same, and we both wished for some dry, crisp, clear weather. We shall see.


  1. What type of a place is this?

    I have try to send you email Dave but without no such luck, I am not sure if you are getting it, or if it is just going elsewhere. :(


  2. "Ooops" What I meant to say was;

    Has this always been a library?

  3. Anita - This was one of the libraries built and run by the Carnegie foundation. The inscription is above the door. These libraries ensured that people could borrow books for free. Local government then took over the lending libraries.
    I have emailed Sidney.

  4. Thank you and I be sure to let him know to forward your email to me.

    I just created a photo blog, come and please take a peak. thank you, everyone else is also invited to take a peak and please give me your feedback at what you think. thanks again.

  5. http://photo-diarist.blogspot.com

  6. Dave, this building is just beautiful. You may have more rain than you want right now - but you also have some of the most amazing buildings to look at there! I'm looking forward to seeing all the libraries. Stay well - and dry! :)

  7. Dave, it sure sounds like your weather is exactly like ours, even if we are on opposite sides of the world!

    My little camera has sat in its case for a couple of months now, since it will not work in the wind and rain we have experienced for the last few months.

    You're right, it is time for Spring!

  8. Hello DaveM, I am so excited to see this building, so interesting to look at and so wonderful to imagine visiting. I think you are helping prepare me for my eventual visit to your fair country.

    I haven't even started looking at and photographing our branch libraries yet. In fact, I am visiting family 180 miles from my home right now and am posting Little Rock photos I took last week until I return home.

    Thanks for linking to my blog.

  9. Now THAT is a library. Beautiful. I look forward to seeing the rest of your pictures. Its been raining here too much too. Like torture, everything damp and smelly.

  10. What a magnificent building. Very impressive, a home for treasures. Wonder what it is like inside?
    Sorry to hear you have had so many non-photo days, wish you dry spells and good light and will look forward to seeing more of your buildings.

  11. Here in East Anglia we have experience grey days and non stop rain - but getting out and taking a photo does the trick and its a great photo too

  12. Beautiful building. Are all the old buildings so wonderful? I should take photos of my local library - the exterior is not so special, but they have some lovely murals inside.


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