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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Thanks says Jupiter
I dont know if you will have seen this picture in your papers, its from The Times, Monday 08/01/07, I have scanned the article for you, just click on it , enlarge ,and read it. I just thought it was a wonderful picture, and dont tell me that this lion didn't love Ana Julia. To me it just illustrates the love, bond, and friendship between the two.

I still feel all dewy eyed looking at it.


  1. I don't know . . . I still think I'd be a little leery. But I guess she knows her cub! LOL

  2. Hey, in the U.S. there's all this discussion about same sex love. If the anti-group see this photo, they'll start a new campaign.

  3. Wow, that's something! I love the looks of that guy...but sure wouldn't be getting that close to him. Thanks for the story and pic.

  4. I am laughing my head off at your "not tonight" comment on my post today.

  5. ohhh, I love this story and the picture...dewy eyed is a good way to describe how I feel after reading it.

    I once had a cat that would put his arms around me just like this lion and even if my cat was much smaller, lol, than this guy, this picture reminds me of him.

    Cat love...there's nothing like it!

  6. Dave, am I doing something wrong? I couldn't leave a comment on your 'Sunday cyle ride' post! And I'm so jealous of the views you have there. Beautiful.

  7. amazing. no, I didn't see this. thanks for posting it, it makes my heart swell up with emotion.


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