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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday cycle ride

The Holly bush Inn Draethen

Views from Mynydd Machen

Caerphilly Castle

On our cycle ride this Sunday we were very lucky as is wasn't raining, and this has to be the first time for about 6 weeks that its been fine. It was so good to be out in the sunshine and feeling the rays hitting you.
I was going to take the camera but when I checked it before I left, the damn batteries had gone flat, so I have pinched some pictures from Google images to show you where we cycled.
We cycled up the Taf Trail to Caerphilly castle, and then onto Machen, making it a circular ride back to Cardiff.
We were very lucky to be able to enjoy such a good day as the forecast for the rest of the week is back to normal.......rain.


  1. Ah ha, you must have had a a break in the rain to allow you to cycle along the trail. Or perhaps I'm wrong about this; perhaps rainy weather would never prevent an outing.

    I appreciate the introduction to the Taf Trail and to Caerphilly Castle.. With my limited knowledge and romantic leanings I felt sad that Llewllyn, at the time, lost the battle to prevent the castle/fort from being built but am happy now that this huge structure now exists and is available for all to see.

    Thanks, DaveM, for the new book recommendation. I have it on my list of future reads. I'm stalled midway through Hosts of Rebecca due to family visits and work demands. But I dream of picking up the book and living life for a while again with the Mortymers.

  2. The sun, when it does poke out from behind the fog and clouds, does feel so good, Dave!

    How lucky you are to live in such a historical place! It's very beautiful!

  3. I was lucky enough to have a brief drive through Wales a few years back; I thought Cardiff looked particularly interesting. Thanks for reviving the memories and the wanderlust.

  4. Hi Hayden, thanks for visiting the blog, and pleased you enjoyed your trip to Wales. Yes its a beatiful place and I do like it. I wasn't born here but its now home. Its just that at this time of year the weather gets to you and I want the better weather back.

  5. DaveM, did you tear out your hair to make a nice nest for you and your family while the weather has been dreary and wet?

  6. Dave, these are beautiful pictures, as usual. I've tried for two days to leave comment - couldn't find it - don't know what I was doing wrong. Anyway, thanks again for adding links.

  7. Pretty country side, soft rolling hills and that castle is awesome as well, a very interesting story about that castle though.

  8. I hate when that happens! But then again, you don't have to worry about taking beautiful photos the whole trip ;-)

    Thanks for the lovely substitute photos - sounds like it was a great day.

  9. Beautiful place and so glad the weather cleared for you. Hoping to plan a trip to Wales soon so hope the rain stops for us. oh dear, should I have said that! lol

    Love the castle and its history and views


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