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Saturday, February 17, 2007

RIng any bells?

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This was in the paper the other day and made me think back to the late 60's and early 70's and what we like then.
I posted this using Picasa so I will be interested to see if the red cross in a box has gone.


  1. I see your poster.

    I do think University and students have changed since the mid-last-century. I remember stirring political comments in class and in the hallways back then, parties given by professors in their homes, lots of interest in humanistic philosophies and civi rights. Nowadays I see little of such activities on campus. Students work while attending school, raise famlies, pay attention to the day-to-day. Professors no longer profess about anything but their subjects. It's rather boring now by comparison.

    About kids and staying home on computer and getting far instead of going outside and running and throwing frisbees - I know there's lots of talk about this but I do see children outside running and jumping a lot. And look, none of the boys in the photo I posted had any extra poundage.

    Have a good day. Play a little bit.

  2. Woops, second paragraph correction, I should have said "getting fat".

  3. Judging by the picture, University hasn't changed, at least here.

  4. Funny you should post this, I still have my patchwork pants from the sixties sitting in moth balls...ah some of the things we somehow manage to keep yet..

  5. Yep, for me things have changed since the 1960's but I sure can't bring myself to throwing out stuff I had back then! Crazy I know!

    Hi Dave!

  6. I always say "those were the good ole days!"

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Oh, I think they've changed, alright! And probably 30 years from now, someone will be posting a picture of university today - with the same question! lol

  8. Hi Dave, the little dog in my photo is my very own little dog. He growls when he thinks someone might be bothering me but that's about as mean as he gets.

  9. Oh, yes...I think university has changed. I wanted to change the world; students today have to save it.

    The curriculum is far different from when I went, too. It seems to me there are far more relevant subjects being offered that teach living skills. I think this is a good thing.


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