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Sunday, June 24, 2007

All pull together

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The caption / title is mine, but what would you call it?
This sculpture is part of the Bute Street redevelopment and reminds me of the sculptures you see in the old Soviet countries.


  1. Maybe "don't let go!" I like this sculpture and the photo! Your caption is much better than mine though. :)

  2. Help - I'm stuck underground - pull me out!


  3. Yes, it has that old style communist feel to it doesn't it. I will look this one up next time I am that way bound.

  4. j'aime beaucoup cette statue, je la trouve tres forte.

    I like much this statue, I find it very strong.

  5. This is an amazing statue. I like it - I don't think I can improve on your title, though.

  6. "Hold tight!" ("Tiens bon!"), maybe?

  7. I am kind of like "lori" who said, "Don't let go!" It seems like a good caption. I like your photograph of the sculpture. It would be hard to figure out a better position to take the picture from. I think you got it right.

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  8. That is really cool looking!

    I would give it a title of "Hang in there"

  9. I just watch the movie Master and Commander , The far side of the World. One of the old sailors had HOLD FAST written on his knuckles.
    I thought of that immediately!


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