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Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm watching you

Posted by PicasaOne of our many many frogs.
We only have a small pond but the frogs love it. When we put pond in, there were no frogs. The garden is surrounded by 5 foot high old stone walls, but soon frogs appeared. They are a rare breed of frog known as the Cardiff Climbing frog.


  1. He's so cute! You are lucky to have a pond and wildlife near you. That's a great shot!
    P.S. Your photos of Stow are great too. I love those old buildings!

  2. I suppose you listen to lots of frog sounds, especially in the evening. It would be like your own little pond-song festival.

    Regarding the fire-eating program in Fayetteville this past weekend - I think these people just decided to display their skill. There's a regular farmer's market there every week that attracts all kinds of activities. I was in Fayetteville for a party, a different one than this one on the downtown square.

  3. Well, his name would explain it, wouldn't it? He climbed the stone walls!

    I hear frogs in the large pond across the road from us, but rarely have them in my koi pond in the front yard. There were several one year, they'd scare me when they'd jump out when I was feeding the fish, but haven't seen any in the pond the last couple of years.

  4. Great shot, cute little guy, warts and all.
    I got a picture of a lizard on my trip down south. I turned out much better than I thought!

  5. Another rare breed of frogs is well known to turn in princes if you give them a kiss! Thank you for your translation, Davem! It will be useful when I'll be able to take the pic which goes with.

  6. Great colours! I like frogs, but I'm always scared too touch them because they seem so squidgy and I'm worried about hurting them.

  7. Oh, isn't he a handsome fellow!

    I started a pond area a couple of years ago; the Koi died, but the frog population is alive and well! The Spring mating songs had us up late, and the results are many little tadpoles. I think most of them will be eaten, but hopefully we'll have a few!

  8. Are you going to take them with you to your new place?

    Neat looking frog here!


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