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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The rain cometh

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The forecasters have been warning of more heavy rains for this weekend, which is bad news for those who have been hit by the earlier downpours and floods. Cardiff has been very lucky, as the worst of the rain has skirted this area.
These pictures were taken on Friday evening when the westerlies were blowing the rain fronts in.
This Saturday the weather is just as predicted, wet.


  1. Crazy weather. My friend in Australia is having having rains, communities that have been in drought for 5 years, now flooded.

  2. Hey I can see the outline of a woman in the lower picture of that cloud. lol

    Out in Texas of USA they have been a lot of flooding from too much rain in one part of that state.

    How did you get a web album from Picasa? I can't seem to get on to it. :(

  3. The weather is horrible, I think summer forgot about us all.

    It hasn't been TOO bad here but there are very dark clouds about now and it has rained on and off all day.

    Your pics are lovely. Clouds fascinate me. When I was a little girl, it took me ages to realise that clouds moved when the wind carried them.

  4. I never tire of seeing pictures of sky and clouds....they are never the same, but always lovely! You have two great shots here!!

  5. Good weather pictures. You are lucky, indeed, I've been hearing of all the flooding going on over there. Stay dry!

  6. Rain, again and again...Si ça continue, il va nous pousser des nageoires!

  7. It certainly looks like rain is on its way. Here, that would be good.

  8. I used to look at the clouds and wonder if my cousins in Australia had sen the same ones go by.


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