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Monday, August 20, 2007

Cycling weekend

This is the campsite at The Castle Inn Pengenffordd our base for the weekend. Despite the continious rain 15 people turned up and we managed two good days of cycling and two good evenings of fun, beer and food. This site gives you an idea of the countryside around where we stayed.


  1. That must have been fun to camp out like that. Hope you managed to stay dry!

  2. Did you hike to the top of Waun Fach or Corn Du or Pen-y-Fan? I have been reading about the Black Mountains. Stay with your group so there won't have to be an obelisk erected in your memory (like Tommy Jones'). See I have been reading up.

    You asked about the photo. I cropped it. Had I shown the mannequin in her very scanty underwear, someone might have taken offense. Not Wom Tiggly or Keropac Man, but someone.

  3. Great site, Dave. Looks like a beautiful place to cycle. (At least the 'down' hill part!)

  4. Annie I am impressed. On one way down from Pen Y Fan you can walk the track that passess the Tommy Jones memorial and when I first took my daughter there she was about 8 and was nearly in tears when she read the meorial. I expect she could relate to him being lost on the mountain. You wont need a guide when you come to Wales.

  5. Looks like fun rain or not!
    Sound like you had a great time, hope you didn't break any speed limits if you cycle down hill!


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