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Friday, October 26, 2007

Autumn along the Taf

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Have a good weekend everyone and happy snapping.


  1. I can almost breath that clear blue air! Very pretty picture with all of it's clear blue skies of wonders...well to me it is clear even though there is some pretty puffy white clouds mingling in this picture.

  2. What a gorgeous shot! I agree with Rosy, you can almost smell the crisp fall air. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. The Taf looks quite pleasant.Is this the little Taf or the big Taf here?

  4. Yes, I'm taking in a deep breath too! mmmmmm....yes, it's good air.
    Lovely place, I'd like to sit and read there.

  5. Yes it is clear. Because its in a bowl,Cardiff has its pollution problems, but they are mainly in the summer.
    Annie there is only one Taf, its tributaries are the Rhondda Fach [Little] and the Rhondda Fawr [Big]

    Yes Wanda there are lots of places to sit and they are well used too.

  6. Truly peaceful and serene...a lovely shot! Glad you're taking pictures again.

    Happy Halloween, Dave!

  7. Thanks Dave for the info you found about the word stoop on my blog today! I didn't know it was a Dutch word. That was very interesting!

  8. We have had some great autumn weather haven't we!! I think that was a statement rather than a question.

    I hope you had a great weekend.


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