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Monday, October 29, 2007

Autumn colours

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It was such a beautiful morning that on my way to work I had to stop to take these.


  1. Oh would I like to be that bicycle rider. What a deligtful ride down that path! Lovely pictures.

  2. I was doing just the same thing in Gwydyr Forest this morning. In the dark!

  3. It does look beautiful there. And I hope you were hearing Roy Orbison in your mind for you gave me the gift of hearing him in mind today.

  4. Those leaves looks inviting that is to say...Romp around in them and scratter then all about even moreso than they are now.

    Yup I am still a kid at heart yet :)

  5. Those photos are just lovely. You must have a really nice route to work! I love the fall leaves!

  6. I love this collage. What amazing colours shining through the mist...these are really great photos.

    A creative way to post them, as well. I'm glad you're back to taking pictures!

  7. You have a lovely route to work there! I love the autumn colours. yesterday I was inspired to go out and take a few autumn pics. I will have to post them soon.


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