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Monday, October 08, 2007

Pen y Fan

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As we are having good weather it seemed as shame not to enjoy it, so on Saturday we had a walk to Pen y Fan .
Its a popular walk and as its not hard, many do it. You can see the path built by the National Park to combat erosion caused by the number of walkers.
Hard walk or not, on a clear day the views are terrific.


  1. What beautiful countryside and such a lovely place for a walk. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!!

    (You had asked about setting up an automatic post, and I don't think you can do that. I usually post my photo the night before, and since it's a day ahead, I click on post options and then I change the date to the next day and I usually just put midnight as the time. I don't actually post at that time each day. Does that answer your question?)

  2. Ahh the good old Brecon Beacons - haven't been there for some time now. Last time was for the Brecon Jazz festival compered by George Melly in 1991 (I think) - god, has it been that long ago??? Weather was hot and so was the music.

  3. That's an amazing shot - looking down the valley.

  4. What a beautiful place to walk. I would love to have been with you, hearing your stories and your travels.

  5. How lucky you are Dave... to have such lovely places for a walk. In Istanbul, we are terribly blocked within long buildings and always busy a traffic on the roads. Thanks to you simply there and sharing these nice shots, so it makes me dreamy at least, looking down your shots...

  6. It looks like a good place to contemplate. The last pic is my favourite.

    Beautiful pics.


  7. Hello Davem, what a beautiful post and wonderful walk. :-) After my visit to Colwyn Bay I know why you love Wales so much.

    And thank you for stopping by, its been a while but good to be back.

  8. Amazing place...it is so like some of the areas here, where it is hilly rather than mountainous. The pathway could be treacherous for me, with the uneven rocks...I would have to watch my footing, and quit gawking around, lol!

    Your blog is such a great site for me, as I plan a trip to the UK in the distant future. Many of the places you write about are on the list of places to see.

    This place is so well known, even here in Canada. Thank you for posting it!


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