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Monday, November 05, 2007

The last of my Autumn pictures

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Its just that the countryside is looking so good, the weather is warm and dry, ideal conditions for getting out and taking pictures.
The top one is in the local park and the early morning sun was highlighting the colour of the leaves.
The bottom one is of the river Wye which I crossed while walking with friends last Sunday.


  1. These are beautiful photos Dave! In this part of Canada we don't get the beautiful reds and oranges so I enjoy seeing them elsewhere. Thank you for your comments on the blog.

  2. Wow.... beautiful shots.... the tree is just lovely and I love the reflection of the sky in the water.
    Very nice!

  3. Dave these are wonderful. Love the top one, getting that beautiful tree and the lady and the bench...nice touch.

  4. Beautiful! Our leaves are turning all in a rush, this crazy warm weather.

  5. Perhaps these shan't be the last of your Fall photos. Mother Nature may decide she's not ready to bring in Old Man Winter just yet!

  6. These photos are lovely! I so enjoy seeing the colorful fall leaves. I just wish fall lasted a little longer!

  7. Don't stop with the photos, Dave! Our Autumn has not been as glorious as previous years, and photo ops here are few, especially now.

    I really appreciate the wonderful Autumn colours!

    So great that you're having lovely weather. When we get a few lovely days like this, I make sure to get out and just enjoy!

  8. I bet that would take a good night time shot you know.
    reflection in the water I mean.


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