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Sunday, February 24, 2008


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If you have coal dust in your veins, does it go round and round like the coal wagons in this sculpture.
This structure is just by Hengoed, and we cycled by it on the way to Pontlottyn. Not many villages can claim to be the birth place of a Victoria Cross holder. [ When you open the Pontlottyn link click on the link to Edward Chapman.]


  1. Gosh not only a stunning photo but the link to Chapman was interesting too - such out and out courage is a rare virtue these days.
    This is indeed an eye-catching and distinctive structure.
    Your posts are always so interesting- I enjoy reading you.

  2. I am going to start steering She Of The Townhouse here. She is training as a tourist guide at present and frankly she needs the help.

  3. I think my blood goes round and round, though maybe not quite like the coal wagons. What fancy someone had to mount them like that.

    Edward Chapman was a fighter, wasn't he. And a brave man in the face of machine guns - I wonder if I could ever be so determined. Yes, I think I probably could.

  4. What an interesting structure...I would be pulling over to take a picture if I saw that one.

    Round and Round and Round....:)

  5. :) Very clever photo. Keep the coal coming.

  6. That's really neat! I've never seen a sign made out of train wagons. Very cool shot!

  7. Bloody imaginative use of coal trucks !

  8. For a split second, I thought it was some sort of fairground ride.. oh dear! I must need to dye my hair blonde.

  9. how interesting...never seen anything like it!!! i wonder who came up with that idea a,d how did they go about it...
    great shot....great eye!


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