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Saturday, March 08, 2008


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Lori's post of bonsai trees prompted me to post this.
Can you remember the film "Karate Kid" and how his mentor Mr Miagi tended his bonsai trees ? Well, Mr Miagi said that the best bonsais came from trees that were growing in rock crevices, and thats were I found this one. So it must be about 10 years old now.
I will post some more pictures when its in leaf.


  1. I love bonsai and have a few myself.
    Look forward to seeing it in leaf!

  2. I have learn that bonsai are not so easy to get started and so I lost my patiences at trying to grow them myself.

    I am looking forward at seeing the new leaves.

  3. I am not too bad with plants but I must say bonsai intimidate me...So I admire them here and there!

  4. Oh I loved that movie too ~~ and I too will look forward to more pictures of your tree wearing it's leaves.

  5. You have a little treasure there. Tend it well, Dave.

    You asked if I swooned - only when Buble started singing a Leonard Cohen song - but then I ended up wishing I was hearing Leonard himself.


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