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Monday, March 24, 2008

Chippenham [2]

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I thought I'd show you some of the town's older houses and the church. When we visited we got hold of a walking tour guide to the town and wandered around all the places it mentioned. Guides this are a really good idea because its so easy to miss some real gems if you dont know about them. A town well worth a visit.


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  2. Love that church - so ornate. The houses still look to be in wonderful shape. Excellent photos Dave.

  3. I would want a guide, that's for sure, to really have the opportunity to learn as I wandered around. It's a pretty town.

  4. A guy who lives down our road comes from Chip'nam, (sounds like that Kirsty MacColl song) as they seem to pronounce it, and having only ever skirted past the edge of the town myself, I hadn't realised it had such picturesque bits

  5. There is a broken headstone in the yard of that church, I guess at one time there was or maybe still is a grave yard there?

    In that one picture of the white house with a man walking I notice that on the first door looks to be a door handle in the middle of the door is that what that is a door handle?

    Very nice town and those buildings looks well care for as old as they are.

  6. Rosy...Yes its still a graveyard although I suspect that its full up now and new burials are done elsewhere. That is a doorknob in the middle.


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