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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Chippenham, Wiltshire, is about 60 miles east of Cardiff.
Its an old town and its importance can be dated back to King Alfred AD849 - 899, who when he was king of Wessex had a palace here. Alfred at that time was trying to supress the Viking invasion. After a few battles he decided to try for peace so by paying them from his treaure chest he managed to persuade them to return to northern Britain.
Here's what it looked like in Tudor times.
The Yelde Hall is just about the oldest building in the town, over five hundred years. It served as council chamber, court room general meeting room and underneath, the town jail.

A council session in the Yelde Hall

I'll show you more later.


  1. 500 years is a long time - the building still looks in great shape. Looking forward to seeing more Dave.

  2. That is "old"! I look forward to seeing more too.

  3. I tamed the wild Viking. I married him.

  4. Old has also more sentiments, the news has only the sense of profit!

  5. I am laughing at your comment about me and the IRS. Did you know that in the states one can buy insurance to protect against the costs of an audit. We so confident of our figuring that we didn't buy it :-)

  6. Amazing! You have such history there. I loved seeing Yelde Hall and hearing about its past. Can't wait to see more from Chippenham.


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