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Friday, April 11, 2008

Blaenavon - the houses

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This shows how the houses would have looked like in about 1850.


  1. Everything is so small - did the whole family live there? It certainly makes one appreciate what he has now.

  2. Umm it looks a bit like my house in the early noughties.
    I have only recently changed the thunderbox!

  3. Very good collection. The same bathroom is in operation in a lot of houses in the Venice!

  4. Lovely bathroom...can you imagine having to use it in the cold Winter weather?

    It looks tiny and cosy...I wonder how many people lived in there?

  5. It looks very comfortable, except maybe not the bathroom facilities!

  6. I am so thankful not to have to have this type of plumbing in my apartment like I used to have when I first lived in Virginia, except our outhouse wasn't even connected to the house itself, we had to take a stroll pass the hog house and behind the chicken coop to get to ours.

    The rooms looks very inviting.

  7. Aside from the outhouse...looks very comfortable.


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