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Sunday, June 01, 2008

I take my hat off to...................

Mike H and Ann

IIt's the 1st June so time my blog break was over.

This post is really a tribute to the cycle clubs' oldest member. On Saturday it was his birthday, so he organised a 60 mile ride near his home town of Leominster and the surrounding villages. A dozen members turned out to celebrate and ride with him. Not only did Mike lead for the whole 60 miles but he also set the pace and kept us all to it. There's no hanging around with Mike and this ride wasn't a gentle wander around the lanes. We stopped off for lunch at the airfield where he flys his glider and on flying days he usually rides his motorbike to the airfield.

Also in the picture is his wife Ann, its their 50th wedding anniversary next week and Mike was 78 on the 31st. May.

What a role model.


  1. What a role model indeed! Hope I'm still biking at that age too.
    Good to be reading you again Dave.

  2. What a wonderful post for a come back from your break!

    What a role model ~~ what an accomplishment.

    Glad you're back Dave!

  3. Thank you both, thats very kind, and nice to be remembered.

  4. 78 and still going stronge wow he is still young. Nice looking looking couple and Welcome back from your Break!

  5. Most certainly miss your postings too.

  6. How well they both look! I'm so glad you're back, Dave...missed you!

  7. 78!! No way! What a cool guy! Nice to see you back Dave!


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