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Friday, August 08, 2008

I forgot my camera!!

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Something I rarely do.

I put the battery on charge just before we were leaving and then 50 miles into the journey I remembered it. So rather than turn back I was camera less for a few days, hence the postcards.

So thanks to ,The Swanage Railway Co. and Salmon Postcards, as at least I have photographs of the few days away in beautiful Dorset.

Dorset is sometimes described as one of the "forgotten" counties of England, well if it is then good, as fewer people will think of visiting and it'll retain its originality.
It's well worth a visit though.


  1. Um..perhaps you shouldn't of post these cards then, cause if no one knew about this place..now they do.

    Sorry you forgot your camera for your visit. :(

    The castle looks like something from out of a movie with dragons, looks pretty cool the castle does sitting up high on a mountain like that. I bet it was really something to see.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. You know those fantasies you have as a child....one of mine was to live in a castle....

    I think this would be the perfect one.

    Don't you just hate it when you don't have your camera? Thanks goodness for postcards...they are lovely.

  3. Hi Dave ~~ My husband and I love Charles Bronson movies. I'm trying to remember the one with the watermelons.

    BTW I've called and left a message with Chamber of Commerce for Sun Valley CA, no response, and I called and left a message at Fire Station #77 which is next to the metal tree...so far no response.
    I googled it many times and nothing!! What a mystery!!

  4. Lovely postcards! I guess you just had to enjoy the beautiful scenery since you couldn't take any pictures. It drives me crazy when I forget to take my camera somewhere!

  5. Not only did I forget to take the camera I had left the battery on charge so I had to phone my son to pop round and switch it off otherwise I would have come home to a cooked battery.

    Wanda, the Charles bronson film was Mr. Majestyk.

  6. Oh! Thank goodness! I continually forget my camera, as you know...actually forgot it most times during this last holiday. Each time I forgot it, I reminded myself of you, who always has his camera at hand!

    I can beat myself up really badly when I do so. Nice to see a creative way to deal with a forgetful memory!


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