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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stourhead - Autumn

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Stourhead is a National Trust property about 60 miles from Cardiff. Click here for more information. Whilst the house is beautiful the landscaped gardens and grounds are something else. The house was owned by the Hoare family who were bankers.


  1. Wow what a gorgeous spot. Love the autumn colour. Beautiful framing of that last photo. Is this close by you?

  2. Oh how beautiful. That structure reminds me of something I saw once at Castle Howard. This is such a lovely spot. (I love the pruned trees you showed yesterday too.)

  3. Oh this is just too lovely... it almost looks too good to be true.

    You have such interesing posts and pictures... Love coming by.

  4. Lori, All of the grand houses were built in a similar way and often by the same designer. The design was often palladian and the gardens included replicas of famous Greek buildings.

  5. I have a book about some of these beautiful gardens. Is it necessary to specify English gardens? ;-)

  6. What a perfect paradise this must have been for this family. :) Some of those trees look as though they are in bloom. Great photos.

  7. That is something we just don't get to see much of anymore in California...Green colors that is!

    So very beautiful indeed, I love those fall colors blended in with all of that beautiful green.

    Thanks for the link too

  8. My apologies Dave - I never saw the info below the photos, I was so entranced by their beauty. The links were most informative - thanks.


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