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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When I win the lottery!!!!

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The title says it all!
On second thoughts I doubt it, far too big!!!


  1. Wow! What a mansion! Can you imagine the upkeep?

  2. And too difficult to heat!

  3. "Whoa! If you win the Lottery I bet you could find something for each and every room to please the eyes with.

    Nice looking Mansion...looks like something I could even lived in...but then it would also be way too big for me even. lol

  4. That is to say if I were to win the lottery I would at least rent it out and invite all of my blogger friends to party!!

  5. When I win the lottery, I'll come and visit you in your mansion!!

  6. There's probably a lot of upkeep on that house! But you could invite all of your relatives and friends to live with you! What a beautiful structure. Do you have pictures of the inside too? We'd love to see them!

  7. If you won enough, you would have staff to look after your ' country estate' and all you'd have to do is enjoy it! Go for walks, read a book by the fire with a cup of tea, spend time with hobbies...sounds great, to me!


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