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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Winter veg.

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Now we are officially into Winter some of the vegetable joys to look forward to.
Ummm............ warming stews and casseroles.


  1. I've already started making homemade veggie soups :)

  2. That is always on of the good things about winter coming is the soups stews and casseroles. Natures way of putting an extra layer on for the cold?

  3. What are those purple plants?
    Rubarb is my most least favorite...blah.

    For some reasons in the past two weeks I have been getting more into winter squash soups and lots of baked potatoes.

  4. Is that purple khale in the first photo? It looks like it would be delicious. Yum, it makes me want to make a soup!

  5. Thats purple kale and Swiss chard.

  6. I picked the last of my kale a couple of weeks ago...sooo good. The vegetables are so beautiful...such colour!


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