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Monday, December 29, 2008

Still flowering

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These are on a sheltered widowsill, and despite some frosts are still hanging on in.


  1. I love it when a little flower hangs on, and on, and on...it gives me inspiration to do the same.

    It almost feels like Spring to see your post.

    Thanks for that ray of hope!

  2. Well. This is so nice to see on this dark winter's morning. Flowers hung on on the Coast for the longest time, it was not unusual for me to pick roses for the Christmas table.

    There is nothing here in the Cariboo that can make it enough to keep flowering. Thank you for the photo...as Wanda says, it's great inspiration.

  3. How beautiful. It almost looks like spring. I have a geranium that still has a few buds on it. It looks like yours will keep flowering for a while.

  4. What a sight for sore eyes Dave! Geraniums are a lot hardier than people realize - these are a gorgeous colour.


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