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Sunday, January 04, 2009

A walk in the winter sun

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A sunny winters day is too good to waste by staying indoors.


  1. What a fantastic cathedral - the architecture of these buildings is phenomenal.

  2. Wonderful steeple, so tall and old looking, I love old stylish buildings.

    Even though there isn't any snow on the ground there...it still looks cold, pretty winter picture though.

    I see I have much catching up to do checking out the rest of your postings.

  3. No kidding...especially when it is warmer than -12C, lol! But I can't stay inside no matter what the temps when the sun shines.

    Lovely old buildings.

  4. How magnificent that cathedral ~ It makes me stop and say a prayer.

    The path looks like a wonderful place to take a walk in the Winter sun!

    The sunshine on the Morning Glory is decieving.... it's really cold here today...I guess that's our winter sun.


  5. Oh, that looks refreshing after seeing so many snowy scenes. What beautiful scenery you have around there. It must have been a great walk.


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