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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cornish pasties

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You don't have to travel all the way to Cornwall just for a pastie. Are those barriers for crowd control at lunchtimes?


  1. I bet those barriers were really for you to keep you away from those pastries. lol

    Great photos, sorry it has been awhile since I been over at your blog...so I got some catching up to do now.

  2. Hmmm! A Cornish pasty is just what I need now!

  3. That is just the cutest little bakery.... Would I ever love to try one of those cornish pasties!!!

    In fact.....give me a plate full, and I'll just sit and that barrier and enjoy them all.


  4. Those crowd control barricade fences don't seem to be surrounding anything. The colors in this photo are terrific though. Very rich and calming. Great shot!


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