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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Washday Blues

When you put your clothes into the machine, spare a thought for how it used to be done.
Well ... at least in the grand houses.


  1. The bottom picture almost looks like my apartment on rainy days when I do find myself washing some clothes out by hand that is.

  2. I can remember my grandmothers and even my mother boiling clothes! I don't speak Breton :-(
    When in Wales, at first I thought Crochendy was the name of a pottery. But Crochendy seemed to appear everywhere on the back roads. That's when I realised what it actually meant!! (Yes, I have bought quite a few items...)

  3. When we first emigrated to Canada, the first winter I remember my mother hanging wet clothing all over the house. And I remember helping her with the wringer washer...a fairly dangerous piece of machinery, since one could get caught easily in the wringers.

    On a nice day, I still hang clothes and linens outside. Something about the freshness..

  4. My machine broke down and for 2 months I was doing all the laundry by hand so I definitely appreciate how hard it was in the old days...

  5. Love the pictures... especially the top one...

    Yes, I do appreciate my washing machine!!



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