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Thursday, May 07, 2009

The famous Betty's Tea Rooms

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If you're in Harrogate you have to go here really, mainly because its so well known.
I'll be back to posting more local pictures from now on.


  1. Harrogate,too, eh? ;-) Believe me, I would love to. We didn't have time to have tea last Saturday in London nd I'd been dreaming of a Cornish tea for years, and years... This incidentally is a nice photo with the lawn leading up to the tea rooms.

  2. Ok will put it on my list to visit

  3. We have The Empress here - done in Edwardian style and known for its elegant "Afternoon Teas" for which you pay an extraordinary price for a cup of tea and scones...

  4. What a delcious picture.... I can just smell the tea and those expensive scones Janice mentioned.

    Shall we all meet for tea?


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