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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The last tram

Not my picture but one that shows the end of an era.
Whilst the passing off the coal industry is still mourned by some, the upside is that it has made the valleys a far greener environment. In fact some of the valleys are now possibly the best that they have ever been. The air and the rivers are fresh and clean.


  1. Yes, I know I have to go back to Wales. And Scotland. And Ireland. And, and, and... :-)

    This old photo is going to make me delve into my colliery books, I'm still fascinated by the days of mining in the Valleys, regardless of how environmentally damaging it may have been.

  2. you seem to be able to get some good pictures with just a cell phone.

    Those flowers are pretty and so is the sea coast too.

    I remember what it had smell like when I used to drive through some parts of Kentucky through some many scatter coal mining towns it didn't smell all of that great either. But then some of them old time silver mining towns didn't smell as good either that I used to drive through as well. Many of such towns and places are no longer in business now here in the States.

    Nice Pictures Dave!

  3. I enjoyed seeing your old pictures. They always fascinate me.

    You capture in the last picture is very nice.


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