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Monday, January 31, 2011

Llangollen - Canoeing the Dee

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Llangollen and the river Dee.
The outside temperature was -2C so that water must have been very cold.


  1. I love Llangollen. One of my best memories of Wales! It was in March and I didn't canoe!

  2. Those are some brave kayakers!

  3. Whoa . . . That's looks pretty wicked. You wouldn't catch me kayaking that, even if it was warm!

  4. Gosh pretty wild looking I'd say - not a sport that attracts me but I can see where people would like the challenge of rapids.

  5. Even I've heard of the River Dee. You'll have to visit and try some whitewater rafting on the Fraser River...what fun! I prefer to do it when it's not so cold, though!


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