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Monday, January 03, 2011


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A wonderful collection of signs here, and the one in the foreground always brings out the childish humout in me.

Incidentally this was taken before the snow and so I wonder with the sign in the background, did the builders know what was coming?


  1. That is pretty funny, Dave~~

  2. Good eye Dave. Trust you are having fun with the new camera...which lenses did you get?

  3. Janice, it came with an 18 - 55mm IS lens as part of the package. I used a Canon SLR many years ago, pre digital, so have a telephoto lens which should fit, but it will be manual.

  4. Ah you have a keen eye seeing things that are misplace. Now I am wondering if the open man hole was covered up before the snow had come or did the snow cover up the open man hole.


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