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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A new roof

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The thatchers were busy re roofing a cottage at St Fagans museum


  1. One of my favourite places on earth!

  2. That's something we don't see in this country. I love it!

  3. Is that a roof made of hay? Wow. The weather there must be fair all the time, so the owner of the house was confident enough to do that. Or maybe, a sturdier material lies under that layer of hay. What's your secret, Dave? :)

  4. Aside from effective insulation, there are several benefits a green roof can offer. One is that it has the ability to soften harsh edges of buildings. Moreover, they easily blend in with almost any kind of surrounding area. It is proven that green roofs can typically lessen storm water run-off by 50% to 90%.

  5. Having a thatched roof can be good, as you can use a variety of material, such as grass, straw, rushes and other dry vegetation. These are usually more affordable and a lot easier to procure. Sadly, we don’t see this roofing type commonly in urban areas anymore.


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