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Friday, November 25, 2011

Protest Camp

This is one of many around the world, and similar to the one outside St Pauls in London. Originally this camp was set up outside Cardiff castle but the protestors were moved and have relocated here in front of a Trade Union building. More sympathetic to their cause than Cardiff Coucil.

Does anyone else have problems uploading photos using Picasa and IE. After Googling the problem a way around it is to use a different browser to IE and upload the pictures directly from your folder.  If there is a better way please let me know. 

Monday, November 14, 2011


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Blogger seems to be playing up as this is my third attempt to put this post together.

This is Senghenydd, I'm sure I've shown you pictures of it before, but the reason why we visit it is that there is a wonderful hill up from the village to the moorland in the first picture.  Its like a ride through history, as looking back down you can see the remains of the colliery and the scene of the greatest mining accident in UK history.  In 1913 489 miners were killed in an undeground explosion, cause by a build up of "damp" gas.

In the top picture, where the top track going off to the right, is the remains of the "Senghenydd Dyke" an ancient 13th century boundary ditch, of the de Clare family who lived in Caerphilly Castle.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Beacons

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This was taken at Garwnant in the Beacons.  I went there to spot some Crosbills, but no luck, I only heard them.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Taf Trail tree

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The autumn colours are not that vivid this year, probably due to the warm mild weather we have had and the trees are still producing glucose / food.  When they stop producing food, the chlorophyll in the leaves goes away and then we can see orange and yellow colours. These colours were in the leaves all summer, but the green covered them up.

This is also the worse part of the Taf Trail as there is usually so much broken glass around here that the chances of a puncture are high.