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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Waterfalls - Barry Sidings

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These waterfalls are at Barry Sidings Country Park located close to Trehafod on the B4753. The park runs along the southern bank of the river Rhondda for about 1.5 kilometres. The park is built on the site of an old railway siding owned by the  Barry Railway Company.  This company owned the railway and also the Trehafod colliery as well as others.  The railway provided a route for transporting the coal to Barry Docks, and from there is was exported all over the world. By 1913 Barry was the largest coal exporting port in Britain, possibly even the world.


  1. Cool waterfall (number 1). I guess the second one is man-made, but very artistic nonetheless.

  2. That's just beautiful. Our coal mines are ugly,desolate things. The oldest ones are finally being reclaimed with trees.

  3. I love the new look of your blog!

    And Dave, your new camera really takes amazing photos. This park, which could have been really ugly if left, is now so pretty! Waterfalls are one of my favourite things...I could sit and watch them for hours. Very interesting post! xx


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