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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Taffs Well graffitti

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Almost a Banksy?


  1. That's pretty impressive graffiti!

  2. Pretty Seaside Beach houses, love the colors they have on them.

    Interestingt Graffiti.

    how you been?

  3. Dave I lost you....I deleted some old blogs, opened a new one, and just ran across you today.

    My new blog address is


    "Got a Minute or Two" Short stories and pictures of my life journey.

    We were in Tahoe recently and 3600 riders did the 72 miles around the lake...it was quite exciting to see and hear the yells as they crossed the finish line..

    Hope you'll "ride" by and see me.

    Oh, was that the "Devil"..I thought I got rid of him...haha


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