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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Salisbury! ???

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This is where we should have been this Bank Holiday weekend.  We loaded the camper up, drove about 100 metres, and it conked out.  Luckily we were on a slope and the local garage was at the bottom so we coasted down.  Its the fuel pump....but ...and theres always a but with garages, as they have to strip it down to replace parts you may as well have other things done whilst they have it in bits.  It makes good sense but just adds to the costs. Sob sob!!!!

So I have pinched some photos of Salisbury from the web, and thank you whoever took them, just to show you where we were going.

It was due to rain anyway!!!!!!!


  1. Oh Dave, sorry to hear of the problems... I have been giving thanks as our car ran beautifully on the many miles we put on it visiting our daughter in Oregon. I'm posting some pictures of the trip which was delightful.

  2. I could have sent you a couple of photos of Salisbury! Hope it gets fixed soon.


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