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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The West Wales tour

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Here's a few pictures from the trip.with the bottom one being our final destination in West Wales, Newport Pembs.  A great ride of about 300 miles over the 5 days, but with 31000 ft of climbs......more than Everest.
Hard riding , well for our age group anyway, but good company and good fun.

The link below is from the club website which sets it all out in more detail.



  1. 31000 feet?!? Is that a typo? That's just crazy. Looks gorgeous though.

  2. Barbara & Ron. No its the total amount of climb over the whole ride. Whilst the hills are not that high there are a lot of them, and you are continually going up and down them. Good for the old legs!!!

  3. I'd be dead already. Gorgeous views though!

  4. A friend of mine would enjoy this cycle tour, is it a regular event?


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