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Sunday, February 16, 2014

A breath of fresh air.

Having had wind and rain for what seems like forever it was good to get a fairly dry day and some sun.  So here we are, Barry Island,  for some sand and sea air.
From the 1920's onwards Barry was a playground for South Wales families, but not anymore.  Here's the remnants of the funfair that was so popular up to the early 1970's. What will it become next?

Someone took the time to make a seat from this old stump, and then nature decorated it with some fungi.


  1. Ah that beach! Just wonderful.
    We had a sunny Sunday and that was it...

  2. It looks like a nice day out. I'd love to have a walk on that beach.

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  4. What a lovely place. I think I prefer it without all the funfair.


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