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Monday, April 21, 2014

Blogger problems.

Just wondering if anyone else has problems uploading pictures from Picasa?  For some time now it hasn't worked for me. 
I have Picasa 3.9 and my operating system is Vista Home edition.  I have also tried uploading from my laptop which runs Windows 7 but again no luck.  I have also tried different browers, e.g. Explorer, Chrome and Opera. 

What do you use?

All ideas, suggestions gratefully accepted.


My solution:

First upload your photos from Picasa to Google +.  Then when you want to insert an image in the post Click  insert image icon and then select upload the images from Picasa web album on the left hand side.

I wonder if everyone else does it this way??



  1. I'm just a simple girl and use Windows Explorer.

  2. Same for me, Windows Explorer, and I do have a photo shop called Corel.

  3. Thanks both, thats what uI use too.

  4. A great route for a cycle ride. Re your upload problems. I save my photos as jogs no more than 800 px on my desk top then upload directly from there to blogger. No problems in either windows or mac.


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