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Monday, January 12, 2015

Insole Court

These shots are from last Saturday, it was fine weather so just right for an urban ramble on the bike.
Insole Court was built in the 1850’s by the colliery owner James Harvey Insole when he was making enough money for him to build this “small country house” on what was then the outskirts of Cardiff.  The current owner is Cardiff Council and it is now a Grade 2 listed building and  in need of restoration, but with all projects like this funding is the main barrier they are up against. Hopefully it will happen and be made available for public enjoyment. 



This was just down the road from the Insole Court on an old footpath to the Cathedral, was this built in seat for weary walkers?  


  1. This is one of the places that was on my to-visit list when I toured Wales. On our way from Cardiff to the coast we stopped at Llandaff cathedral and St Fagans. On the way back to England, we got stuck talking with an ex-collier at the museum for ages and never made it here. Love the second photo with the shadow!

  2. Wow big yard if that is a yard for that house. Love the green colors which makes this house stands out nicely


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