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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Castle, trains and sea

Corfe Castle

 Cromwell destroyed this gate tower during the Civil War.  They blew away the foundations of the left tower  so that it slipped down the slope.

However its now in the safe hands of the National Trust.

Safe however until the Vikings arrive.  Whilst we were here there was a Viking and Anglo Saxon reenactment, with daily battles.

The old village of Corfe is worth a walk around.

Corfe is home to the Swanage steam railway, with trips between the towns, and all run by proud volunteers.



  1. Interesting ruins of the castle. And I wonder how old those houses are.

  2. Lovely photos. I especially love that castle.


  3. Everywhere is so green and so pretty, like the roofs on that one house there, the ruins of castle makes me think of a fire breathing dragon, ha ha I guess I just watch too many of them kind of movies.

    All of these are great pictures and that engine looks pretty old.

    Please come on over to my blog and check out some really odd looking bicycles I found on youtube.

  4. Lovely! This takes me back a few years!

  5. Those images of Corfe are very familiar to me, as the village was on my regular
    30 mile morning cycle training route....


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