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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Whitchurch and W W ll

I only spotted this plaque today and I must have passed this spot many times in either the bus or car.  It just shows that you see much more either walking or cycling.



  1. That is so wonderful. I've just been thinking about WWII as we laid Elizabeth to rest. I just read an article where the oldest living WACC is over 100. We need to remember History...and not repeat it's mistakes... I'm very unhappy with my government right now..but I won't go into that. Blogs are a happy and safe place....

    Take care Dave... I always enjoy your blog and your comments. Have a good day.

  2. Interesting bit of local history.

  3. That is so wonderful! They are a lasting memorial.

  4. That is a nice way in memory to honor those of had helped a great deal.

  5. Dave? Is that you? How could I have missed that you have a blog, after you have been so supportive of mine all this time? I saw your link on Mark's blog, and put two and two together. Sorry I have been so clueless!


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