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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Forest of Dean

The Forest is just over an hours journey away, so we had a few days away to catch the colourful shades whilst they are still around.  The campsite was at Parkend, a lovely village that we have visited before and also one the cycle club has used for weekends.

The next two shots were taken on the cycle trail to Coleford.

Right next to the campsite is the RSPB Nags Head nature reserve.

Parkend church and cemetery. 

 It was interesting to see that the graves of people who had been dead for well over 70 years had fresh flowers on them, so someone in the family still remembers.

The Fountains is the pub and this caters for us when the cycle club stay.  They have a bunkhouse accommodation at the back.

Wild boar were reintroduced into the Forest a few years ago but their numbers have now got out of hand as they now number over 1000.  They do an enormous amount of damage to anywhere that is left unfenced, and every morning you can see fresh signs of their previous nights work.  Gardens and playing fields have been completely destroyed.

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  1. Lovely array of pictures, Dave. Love the ones with shadows. It's nice to be back from our trip, and trying to catch up with all my blog friends. Always enjoy your visits and comments.

  2. Sounds like it's time for wild boar season. I guess back in the day they were important food.

  3. Lovely quiet and calm scenes.
    Yeah, we have way too many wild boars in France, some say there are close to a million. And every time there's a hunt, there's public uproar. What a shame, I love it roasted...

    So who are you supporting now?

  4. What a great place to explore

  5. Wasn't that a rather nice final? Dan Carter's drop goal gobsmacked me...


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