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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chepstow to Cardiff

One of the events the cycle Club is running this year is a ride from Plymouth to Cardiff, so that means the route has to reccied and risk assessed.  As it was a fine on Wednesday we decided to do part of it, from Chepstow to Cardiff.  This is a relatively easy section and flat more or less the whole way.

We let the train take the strain to Chepstow to save time because
 when you're risk assessing a route it takes far longer than when you ride it on the day.

Its  Route 4 from Chepstow to Cardiff all the way, so providing the signposting is ok there should be no problems.

But it wasn't and we ended up next to the M4 by the Severn Bridge tolls. Not the best way for cyclists.

Often reccying a route is more fun than leading a group of 14 cyclists as you have less worry and more time to enjoy it.

Here's the route


  1. Wow that is a great distance if you were not to of taken the train then.

  2. Well done. I'm impressed with those who ride these long routes.

  3. A very good idea to trouble shoot the route prior to the ride..and an excellent idea to take the train for the bulk of it to leave some surprises!

  4. Plymouth to Cardiff will be quite a run, and through some belting countryside as well. A lot of people enjoy a smoothly run event without considering the work that went on to achieve that so I hope the hard work in organising it all doesn't go unrecognised.

  5. 81km, that would take me about 5 days. ;-D

  6. 81km, that would take me about 5 days. ;-D

  7. All,

    Whn doing a longer ride its often all about pacing yourself and managing the ride. I've been cycling now for over 60 years now and for me speed is not the main thing but its enjoying the ride and the company. The people who come on the ride will appreciate it as the route finding will have all been done, accommodation and meals booked and they can just enjoy it. Even experience cyclists like to led.

  8. Plymouth to Cardiff! I'd struggle with that by rail!
    It would be a bummer to find yourself cycling alongside the M4 right enough, checking it out is a good idea.


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