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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday ride to Llanwonno

A beautiful early Spring day and the group ride was up to Llanwonno mountain and back, with lunch in the pub, there. On a Sunday it caters mainly for lunches but they will do some rolls, which are big and many a time I've had to bring half of it home.

If you dont fancy a pub lunch, then on the way there we pass this cafe.  The only problem with stopping here is that you then have to cycle up some 15 - 20 % hills with a mug of tea and a bacon sandwich inside.
Many South Wales valleys cafes have Italian names as they were originally started by Italian immigrants.  The Welsh Italian history is interesting and these cafes have been part of Valleys life for many years.

 There's more here on the Welsh Italians

[web picture]
Stunning views from the top especially with the clear skies.

Whilst this isnt a long ride the height gain in a few miles is about 1300 feet.


  1. Happy Sunday Morning. Trying to do some catch up. The cafe looks cute and the ride beautiful. Have a great day, Dave.

  2. Beautiful landscapes in your post today that cafe does look like a great spot for a lunch. The ride must have been a challenge with the elevation gain...Immigrants have brought so much to all our lives...My family immigrated to the US back in the 1620's from England, France, Ireland, and some Im not sure of also!

  3. Wasn't it a cracking day yesterday!

    It looks like a great ride was had there, some stunning scenery for sure - not so sure about the 1300 feet of climbing mind - rather you than me!

  4. How lovely to be out and about.

  5. Interesting, I hadn't noticed about the names. Not that I spent that much time in the Valleys, unfortunately. Love that third picture!

  6. Remembering back when I used to cycled and trying to steered with one hand while holding a drink in the other and a many of times I loose my drink so I wouldn't crashed into something then. lol


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