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Friday, April 15, 2016

Street Art and more

As the sun was out I thought I'd better be out too, so I wandered towards the City on the bike.  
I stopped off at where we used to have an allotment about 30 years ago and went back to the plot to see if the apple tree my daughter grew from a pip was still there.  No, but the plot and the adjacent plot is now a Community Garden for Riverside.  Its looking in good shape too.

This street art is on the side of the Parks changing  rooms and relects the scene below it.  It certainly brightens up a blank brick wall.

If you want to camp in  Cardiff  the Council run a campsite within a mile of the city centre. 

These magnolias have always been a favourite but the blooms wont last much longer.

Every Spring the City hosts the Royal Horticultural Show event and the site is nearly ready. 

Next to the site is the canal walk to the City Centre going past Cardiff castle.

On the cycle track going out of the City are these paintings on the telephone exchange boxes.  I've often passed them but never had a close look.  The artwork doesn't impress me a lot.

But this beautifully restored MGB did.


  1. I love gardens!! Mine is such a target for critters to dig up and destroy the plants but I keep trying. I am currently eating lettuce from it and a few spring onions! My son would love that MGB!

  2. When I had the allotment the rabbits would be eating stuff at one end whilst I was digging the other end!

  3. Oh I love that MGB! Even with it being the black bumpered model it still looks pretty darned good to me - I've always liked them.
    I've only been to Cardiff once I'm afraid to say - back in 2005 for the Speedway GP in the Millenium Stadium, and we only had a little time to look around the city centre, but it looked a cracking place for sure. If I'd have known about that camp site I'd have taken the motorhome and had a longer stop - research fail on my part there!
    I like that mural on the changing room wall too, although the black brickwork doesn't look too bad anyway (I painted my shed black, and mean to do all the fence panels as well at some point, it shows off the colour of flowers really well).
    Nice post!

  4. They still have the speedway and whilst I've not been to it, I've been in town before the event,and the atmosphere is fantastic. When there are events in Cardiff the camping site must get booked up very quickly.


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