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Friday, August 26, 2016

Taffs Well Inn

Bathed in early morning sunshine 

A long time since posting and what with the summer and things happening the Blog muse has deserted me.  All credit to those who keep posting no matter what.  

I had a new mobile and all my Google photos sync'd and took up loads of space so I deleted them and consequently have lost the photos from some of my old posts.  So in future I will store all my photos on the PC and not with Google  I haven't actually lost any as they were backed up elsewhere,  just those that were sync'd with Google and on the blog. 

Synchronising a/cs is handy ....but not for everything !!


  1. Glad you have photos elsewhere.
    I don't trust Google enough to use cloud.

  2. OH boy hate when that kind of stuff happens I have a trillion photos on Flickr if Yahoo decides to go under Im screwed!

  3. Its always best to have them backed up ......just in case!!


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