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Friday, June 02, 2017

Champions League Final 3rd June

Cardiff is the host City for this game which is held in the 75000 capacity Millennium Stadium.
Probably the final has a global viewing audience of 380 million people in over 200 countries with prize money of $108 million.

Cardiff being a relatively small city makes it easier to police and lock down, but its not without some disruption for the residents. But the hotels, restaurants and other businesses will have huge benefits.

There are official campsites set up in the parks

and some not official ones!

The campsites and hospitality areas are in the Castle grounds and it is surrounded by a" ring of steel "

The castle  and streets have been decorated.

There's more in the Bay area and armed Police are very visible especially after recent events.

There's even a floating football pitch.

The water taxis getting ready.

The rear of the stadium, but a quieter place for the TV stations to interview the pundits.


  1. Great opportunity for Cardiff to show itself off.
    I doubt any major incident will occur but there is always the possibility of a lone nutter.

  2. What a very special event. Love the pictures.

    1. It is Wanda and a very big one for Cardiff.

  3. Hope you pick the winning team, nice pictures.

    1. As its held in a neutral country Anita, I've no allegiance to either side.

  4. A very big event!! I love the van with the pop top! Super cool. Those cops have a lot of gear to carry around....they must be very tired at the end of a day.

  5. We had a van like that a few years ago, great fun. You can get them installed on an ordinary van. Yes those cops do get hot, my daughter in law is in the police, its the body armour thats heavy as well as all the gear that they have to carry.

  6. Nice bit of background to the event, and the city itself Dave. I visited Cardiff back in 2005 for the Speedway GP in the Millennium Stadium as it was called then, and it is a fantastic city with a great atmosphere. Having the stadium right in the centre makes these events very special indeed.
    This year's GP is on 22nd July by the way, and I can tell you, Speedway racing under that roof, with a big and noisy crowd, is really quite something! I've seen a lot of Speedway over the years being a long time fan, but that GP in 2005 is the best meeting and occasion I've been to.

  7. Mick, the stadium has a great atmosphere, especially with the roof closed, and also being next to the town centre, train station etc it's so convenient.


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